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Florian Scheuerer
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Many of the images used were created by the authors themselves. All rights remain with the copyright holder and further use of the files is only possible after prior notification. For images whose rights do not lie with the operator of the site itself, the following rights holders apply:

Logo, layout and corporate graphics:

Heike Jörss, Regensburg, grafik(at)heikejoerss(punkt)de

Website backgrounds and other design features:

Georg Fersch, Coade Graphic Office Regensburg

Stock Images

Picture Cinema Hall (e.g. programme button) © Adobe Stock
Image Movie Flap Zombie (e.g. submission button) © Adobe Stock



The copyrights of the film images used remain unaffected and are still held by the respective distributors and sales companies. The exact copyrights can be found with the respective film.

The copyrights for the partners' logos remain unaffected and continue to belong to the owner. We thank you for the permission to use the logos.