Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates data protection and the duty of website operators to provide information. It is therefore necessary (and incidentally important) that we inform you in simple language what data we collect, process and store.

We inform you here about the scope, purpose and background of the collection and use of data. We take data protection very seriously and treat your data strictly confidentially and in accordance with the legal regulations.

However, it should be borne in mind that working on the internet generally poses a security risk. We protect our website with technical measures and the storage on our computers is also protected. However, one hundred percent protection cannot be guaranteed anywhere on the internet. Not even with us.

We have tried to compile all information about the storage and processing of your data in the tone of our website. However, if you have any questions, please contact info[at] Responsible for data handling is Florian Scheuerer, who acts on behalf of Offstream Cinema e.V.. Details can be found in the imprint of the site.


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Our website is a WordPress site. As such, cookies are used by default. These small pieces of text information are stored on your computer via your browser and used to "identify" you the next time you visit. This sounds worse than it is. Cookies are needed, for example, so that you don't keep getting annoying cookie warnings. Your computer tells the website, "hey, I've been here before" and so you don't get the banner displayed again. This is not done by us, but by WordPress. By using our website you accept this. The data in cookies are usually temporary and are deleted after a certain time.



When you order a season ticket from us, you do so by sending us an e-mail. In order to make everything traceable, we save our joint communication in our mailbox (see e-mail contact) and include you in the newsletter list (see newsletter). Since season tickets are issued on a personalised basis and we also have documentation obligations to fulfil vis-à-vis the tax office and funding agencies, we store the order on our computer and archive it in paper form if necessary. However, your data will only be passed on to third parties in black and thus not personalised. We have maintained this practice in the past and will continue to do so in the future.



Our web host Domainfactory strives to make the use of data traceable. Of course our websites are stored on their servers and of course the data is processed on their servers. A website must also run and be accessible to you. Writing this to you is like telling you when you get your driver's licence that a street theoretically knows you're driving on it. Without a web hoster, there is no website.



If you write to us, we will of course store your email address on our computers in the mailbox for contact purposes. We use a mail client for this purpose so that your e-mails are not stored on the servers of third parties. Should you ever want us to delete all dialogues, we will of course do so. Just send us an email and we will remove everything manually. Of course, our computer is protected by common mechanisms such as virus scanners. We keep our operating system up to date to avoid security gaps.



Since the use of Google Analytics is hardly justifiable in terms of data protection under the DSGVO, we have decided to say goodbye to this powerful analysis tool. From now on, we will use Matomo for our internal analysis (which is also used to improve the website). Matomo is far more correct than Google with regard to modern data protection requirements and claims to be the DSGVO-compliant alternative. You can read more details on the Matomo website.

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.



If you comment on our website, WordPress will record your IP address. We therefore recommend that you only comment if you agree to this. On the other hand, your data will be passed on to WordPress. However, the comment function is deactivated in large parts of the website.



You can contact us via a form. The email addresses that reach us in this way are stored on our computer and are used to contact you. You have written to us, so you will be contacted. If you do not wish to be contacted, please write to us and we will delete your e-mail addresses and e-mails.



When you order a newsletter from us, we store your data on the Mailchimp server in order to access it. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time after you have placed an order. If you do so, we will manually delete your data from the server. We only use your data for the intended purpose, namely to send you a newsletter. That's all we do with it. Basta.



WordPress uses plug-ins to adjust the site to the individual needs of the website operator. These small add-on programmes can be of various kinds. For example, we use virus protection measures, contact forms, anti-spam services and security programmes. But Christmas garlands and the like also fall on fertile ground with us. The data used in the course of plug-in use is stored on our hoster's servers, as mentioned above, such as your newsletter addresses.



Well, we've been using a plug-in for Facebook like buttons and stuff for a long time. However, you will already have subscribed to us on your social networks if you want to do so. Since we cannot guarantee one hundred percent that Facebook & Co. do not collect any of your data when you click on Like on our website, we have deactivated this function. If you want to like, do it directly on Facebook or wherever. Always bear in mind that Facebook (and Google) also record your usage behaviour if you have their page open in the background. This has nothing to do with us, but we still want to point it out.



The web is dominated by video providers like YouTube and Vimeo when it comes to embedding a video. The advantage of this is that the video author simply uploads the file to a platform and then only needs to link to the file. Using i-frame, a kind of hole is cut into the website to allow a view of the video behind it. The problem is that your behaviour is recorded and the data is sent to YouTube and the like. With Borlabs Cookie, we use a plug-in that allows the embedding and use of video in compliance with DSGVO.



Depending on which service you use, different data is collected. In the case of season ticket purchases, this could be names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. Through the use of comment functions, analytic tools and cookies, this includes IP addresses, the website of origin (referrer), the name of the service provider or information about the operating system and web browser used. In addition, traffic data (size of the accessed data, date and time of the accessed data) are determined.



We do not actively pass on any data to third parties. However, depending on the service used, your data may be stored on third-party servers. Further processing by these is not permitted. So you don't have to be afraid that a new washing machine will be delivered to you tomorrow. We protect our data through technical measures such as virus scanners, firewalls, log monitoring, etc. In essence, we want to emphasise that common sense alone dictates that we handle your data with great care. Your security is also important to us!