The partners of the festival


HARD:LINE and Penninger, that goes well together! Both have an adult audience and at the same time regional ties in the banner. In the case of Penninger, this shows up as highly acclaimed brandy, while the distillery itself remains in Waldkirchen. We, on the other hand, present ourselves as an international film festival with a love for Regensburg subculture. A little bit offstream! Besides the classics, Blutwurz "Red" and "Black", there is much more to discover, because Penninger stands for quality, taste and openness.


In addition to other sponsors, public funding is also essential for a festival like ours.

As a premium sponsor, the Regensburg data protection geeks from Projekt 29 have been actively supporting us for years, and we are proud to have such great sponsors as the city of Regensburg and the FFF Bayern at our side. This year, for the first time in a long time, FFF Bayern is once again acting on behalf of the Bavarian State Chancellery.


This city is beautiful and yet (like the Upper Palatinate itself) it is a grey spot on the map for many. That's why it's important for us to ensure visibility beyond our own channels. For us and especially for the filmmakers.

We are proud to have the dudes from Viva la Movielucion on board as the official podcast of the festival. Also on board is THE genre news portal Scary Movies. And: We would be nothing without international coverage from Dread Central.


As banal as it sounds, we can only do a few things on our own to make our festival appear in the right light. That's why we have strong partners at our side who support us in everything that concerns technical know-how.

A trio is responsible for our artwork: Christian Fernández Larrere, Juan Vásquez and Stefan Heß. Ralf Oberleitner has always taken care of the visuals during the festival and Wayward Media has been producing our interviews ever since the first guest stepped in front of the camera. Web designer Georg Fersch makes us shine on the net. Robert Hölzel (RHI Media ) is responsible for the technical support and digital lab work. The Feaks from One4Two, who are responsible for the trailering this year, put the aesthetic crown on our heads.



The core of our work is to bring films to the city to present them to the best audience in the world. But who better to present the dark cinematic excesses than the makers themselves? To make their journey to Regensburg as relaxed as possible, we need strong partners here too.

For this purpose, we have Dock 1 and Orphee at our side as hotel partners. The journey is handled by the professionals from Ferntouristik Ulbrich & Koller and the mobility on site is provided by the car rental Wolf.


Film festivals are networks. They organise themselves and join forces. That's why we are part of associations such as the Méliès International Festivals Federation or a member of the Bavarian Film Festival Association. On the other hand, we also have partner festivals with which we cooperate.

Our closest ally at the moment is the Landshut Short Film Festival. Together we work for fantastic cinema!