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The moving image banaus strike back! Here's the second part of their recap. Thanks guys!
Our long-standing media partners Viva la Movielución were once again guests at HARD:LINE 2024. Let's review our 2024 festival together in Bavarian dialect. Arriba!
Mess! The total philistines were out and about at our film festival. Moving image philistines to be more precise. And then they report on us afterwards. Here's the first part of their recap. Thanks guys!
Wow! After such a festival, it's really hard for us to get back to reality and think clearly. But one thing is certain: over 2000 mega-awesome people spent a weekend exploring the dark side of Regensburg. And the winners were chosen. Here is a brief overview of our 2024 winning films!
The first festival day is finally here!!! We're working like world champions and are announcing the latest news from the head office: THE COMPLEX FORMS and SHORT & HOART 1 are currently sold out! So here's a little guide for all those who still want to try their luck:
Advance sales are entering the home straight at an insane speed. Seats for both our OPENING EVENING and our CLOSING EVENING have now run out at pretty much the same time.
The 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival is just around the corner. Here is a brief overview of the individual festival days. Today: Sunday! Closing night!
And once again we've been hit... at the moment we're out of tickets for SHORT & HOART 2 on Saturday night! You have run out of tickets and want to know if you can still do something? Here's a little hint from us:
Guys, you're awesome! The Saturday of HARD:LINE 2024 is rapidly closing in on advance sales. For this reason, we currently have no more tickets for STOPMOTION. But here's a little info for everyone who wants to try again in between:
The 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival is just around the corner. Here's a little insight into what you can expect on Saturday, 13.04.2024. Just this much: Saturday will be hard, harder, HARD:LINE!