We are sorry: Season tickets completely sold out!

Incredible but true! After only a few hours we have to announce: the season tickets for the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival are completely sold out! There is still a small chance for the patient...

You super brutal crazy people!!! It only took a few hours and all the season tickets for the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival have already left their nests during the earliest Early Bird phase. We have nothing left to give away, nada, niente! Never before in the history of the festival have we been able to announce anything like this. Many thanks to all the lunatics for their great interest. We are very happy!

This also means that there won't be a second wave of season tickets from March 1! For all those who were a tad too late and missed out, we have a small consolation offer: Go to https://www.hardline-filmfestival.com/tickets/, click on the button and you can register to be put on our waiting list. Under certain circumstances, something may come up for one or two lucky season ticket holders and a season ticket becomes available. In this case, the person on the waiting list who moves up will be delighted to receive the season ticket that has become available.

But be careful: We can't guarantee anything and it's up to chance whether and how many season tickets become available. So, just give it a try and maybe you can still get the all-round carefree package for HARD:LINE 2024!

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