10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

For the Sake of Vicious

Director: Gabriel Carrer, Reese EveneshenCanada 202080 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaFri. 25.09.202022:00European premiere

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That is what it is about

The night shift was tiring and Romina wants nothing more than to enjoy a relaxed Halloween evening. But she is denied that, because there are two men in her home who don't belong there. One is a perpetrator, the other a hostage. The hostage must stay alive, so the order goes. At any price. But the price is high when finally a horde of violent criminals gone wild besiege their house and stain the walls with blood. There is only one way out: repay like with like!

What you should know

As soon as the door is opened in this home invasion thriller, all hell breaks loose. Driven by pumping sounds, the spiral of violence spins on and on to its bloody centre. FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS makes no secret of the fact that the title is meant seriously. Furious and brute, but also superbly realised and acted, this handmade film deserves a place in the hearts of all genre fans who like things a little harder. This Halloween, there's nothing but gore to be had.
Original title: For the Sake of Vicious
Rights holder: Raven Banner Entertainment
Language: English original version
Cast: Lora Burke, Nick Smyth, T.J. Kennedy
Film Festivals: Fantasia Film Festival


Gabriel Carrer is an old acquaintance of our festival, having been responsible for THE DEMOLISHER and DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE, among others. Completely different films with a grandiose soundtrack and ultra-stylish staging in common. For FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS Carrer has teamed up with Reese Eveneshen, who zombie fans may know as the director of DEAD GENESIS. The two together make an explosive team that will hopefully break many more boundaries.
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