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When I Consume You

Director: Perry BlackshearUSA 202190 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaThu. 07.04.202213:00German premiere

That is what it is about

He is always there, that dark shadow with the yellow eyes. It is just waiting to devour them and rob them of their courage to face life. The siblings Daphne and Will have a hard time coping with everyday life, because a traumatic childhood experience gnaws at them. Sometimes things go okay, but then the past bites mercilessly again. Only together can they survive! When their togetherness is suddenly shattered, the yellow-eyed man senses his chance...

What you should know

After his debut work already hinted at what an extraordinary talent director Perry Blackshear is, he confirms our premonition with his latest film. Much more so than back then, he works on genre mechanisms, creating an incredibly atmospheric and dark world that comes up with a demon that preoccupies us all. And yet: what is on display here, however quiet it may be, is a really nasty blow in its casualness! A very dark indie film.
Original title: When I Consume You
Rights holder: Yellow Veil Pictures
Language: English original version
Cast: MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel, Libby Ewing
Film Festivals: Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, Celluloid Screams, Fantasia Film Festival, FilmQuest, Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival, Screamfest, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival, Terror Molins


His first feature film THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE was a psychological film, says US-American Perry Blackshear. He himself had the experience that it can cause physical pain when you feel alone! Consequently, his films are permeated with friendship and trust; his protagonists fear loneliness. This deep melancholy is evident in Blackshear's entire oeuvre, which was a respectable success after his debut with THE SIREN.
When I Consume You, Director

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