What was going on at the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival


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What can we say? Another year has passed and we're still here. Sometimes you ask yourself why. Well, it's not our job to answer that question. But our job is to put on a film festival for you freaks out there that deserves to be called that. For four days, we want to continue to nurture and cultivate the wildest nightshade plants of dark cinema culture until they blossom and delight the inclined audience with a pleasantly appreciative grin.

Of course we know that it's not for everyone. The genre is often too crude. However, as the last ten editions of the festival have shown very clearly, there is always a movie in the endless pool of creativity that you, you and you can enjoy. In between, however, lurk grim bastards that will drive even the most die-hard fan to the edge of their cinematic tolerance. Does it have to be like this? Can't it be any other way? Well, that's just the way it is. Why? That's another question everyone has to answer for themselves.

It definitely helps to listen carefully. Because of course we have also invited guests to the 13 feature-length films and 16 short films. The jury for the Méliès D'Argent will certainly have something to say. We will also get to hear the most important opinion, namely yours. The fact is: the genre is colorful and powerful! What the old philosophers Bill and Ted know is also true. That's it.

What is also "basst" in Bavarian is the supporting program. True to the motto "Hmmm, frame", there will once again be loud support for our endeavor at the turntables and on stage in 2024. DJs, a concert, a small catering, lots of bloodroot and multi-faceted genre cinema at its finest will make April a month of joy.

In other words: Come around, it'll be great!


The films of the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival


A total of 21 film premiere(s) in 2024, including 1 world premiere(s) [W]; 2 international premiere(s) [I]; 1 European premiere(s) [E]; 17 German premiere(s) [D];


Guests present at the screening

Our festival guests

Alix Austin, Jan Bitzer, Mariangela Bombadieri, Brendan Cleaves, Nicholas Dues, Fabio D'Orta, Vincent Ercolani, Ted Geoghegan, D.M. Harring, Tony Hipwell, Álvaro de la Hoz, Van Poynton, Keir Siewert, Wallace Simpson, Loïc Tanson

With 15 film guests, we had more filmmakers at the festival than ever before. 15 guests from all over the world traveled to the festival and answered questions from the audience.

The winners of the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival

Méliès D'Argent for the best German fantastic short film:

Audience voting:

Golden Razor Blade-2_1
Golden Razor Blade - the best feature-length films

1. STOPMOTION (4.24)

Silver Razor Blade - the best short films

1. FISHMONGER (4.29)
2. THE LURE (3.99)
3. GIRLS (3.81)

Silver Razor Blade-2_1

The timetable of the festival

Framework programme

Director Spotlight

One of the centerpieces of our festival is the Directors Spotlight. The oeuvre of a filmmaker is scrutinized and perhaps even paid homage to a little. This year, we are proud not only to present the complete works of US director Ted Geoghegan, but also to welcome Ted himself as our guest of honor in Regensburg. With three films, we will discover Ted's work and learn what it means to make films by fans for fans.



Méliès Competition

Since the 7th HARD:LINE Film Festival, we have also been showing short films. We were able to project real highlights of the genre onto the screen in Regensburg. Sixteen shorts were and will be screened, ten of which are vying for the jury prize. The Méliès D'Argent is awarded by us as a member festival on behalf of the Méliès International Festivals Federation - for the best European fantastic genre short film of the festival.


Final evening

What would we be without our graduation night? Exactly, we would be nothing, but nothing at all. This program item belongs to our DNA, it is an indelible part of us. Since the first year we have been nurturing this tender little plant and are always happy when it blossoms! This year, we're tackling it again and offering you the grand finale: concert, awards ceremony and closing film - all in one show. That's how it is! That's the way it has to be!



Aftershow parties

While last year the rabbit laid an egg in our party nest, this year there's plenty to listen to again. On Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy a bloodroot and shake a leg while the fog and strobe lightning make for great weather in the cinema pub. No one will take the wind out of your sails. So full speed ahead. On the weekend from 22:00 it's all happening!