10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

The last feature-length films for the eighth HARD:LINE Film Festival

We have already announced nine films. Originally, there were to be ten feature-length films in addition to our short film programme, which has not yet been published. Now it's thirteen. If that doesn't bring us luck in this damnable year? So let's put a lid on it: Here is the last official announcement about the feature-length films at the festival!

In the meantime, the situation was very tense. The negotiations were tough and only partially successful. And as it is in life: Hard work is rewarded. Suddenly things happened very quickly - so quickly that afterwards you ask yourself if it was really so difficult to get the films. Yes, it was, but the result is just awesome. We were afraid that everything would have to be a little smaller this year. But the programme grew and became more awesome, grew and became a real thing, grew and became just fat. But what is one always supposed to talk about. Let words be followed by deeds!

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Actually, we wanted to do without the premiere status. We wanted them to be great films. But we asked anyway and in the end we were simply flabbergasted. The European premiere in Regensburg is an exotic film that, due to its origins, might have the status of an "underdog" at the festival. Le Binh Giang's KUMANTHONG, however, is high-quality produced horror cinema from Vietnam that has taken on the real case of the first mass murderer in Vietnam's history. This background makes the film a meanie that burns Huynh's grinning face into our retinas. This deeply ambivalent figure works across all familiar motifs and variations, making KUMANTHONG a thrilling film that shows that all you have to do is tap into Indochina as a genre source. It already bubbles up that it is a real joy.

It goes even further with an international premiere. Maximiliano Contenti's retro shocker has just opened in Uruguayan cinemas and is thus running exactly where it belongs. Because AL MORIR LA MATINEE is pure cinema love, as a sinister lurker makes a pilgrimage through the rows of seats to bump off the cinema-goers. For the first time, the film will be shown outside its home country and thus begin its journey through the festivals of this world. After all, it's not just our love of the cinema that puts a grin on our faces and should give people a bit of cinema flair in the stream. Rather, we're looking forward to a steamy, neon-drenched and sweaty 80s genre aesthetic that's just plain fun with some hefty splatter interludes. This is genre cinema of the Edeltrash brand - just the way we love it.

Europe. International. Is there anything left? Yup. How about a world premiere? We're very proud to have Chad Ferrin's latest prank in our line-up and to show it to the general public for the very first time. Among other things, Ferrin was responsible for the film EXORCISM AT 60000 FEET, in which a priest and a rabbi fight against an impending possession pandemic on a plane. Well: Did he score points? Then get involved with THE DEEP ONES! 80s is also on the agenda here. Not necessarily in the form of an homage, though. This low-budget film pays homage to the productions of days gone by in a Lovecraft story with strange characters, obscure cults and a monster that immediately makes us feel 15 again - back when we used to search the TV guide for the word "horror" in the afternoon. THE DEEP ONES carries the true spirit of independent filmmaking. Simple. Beautiful.

These were the last three films in a line-up that we could never have dreamed of in March. But wait: Didn't the colleagues above talk about "thirteen films"? But aren't there only twelve? You're already a vixen reading this. Yes, we have landed a surprise film exclusively as a thank-you for the early buyers of season tickets. It's also a German premiere and is currently in competition at the Fantasia Film Festival. Now you can keep guessing and we'll let you off until the middle of the week when we publish the short film programme. There are 16 more film titles waiting for you. Doesn't it ever end? Hopefully not!

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