10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

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Again and again we emphasize that we are still the same bangers as the ones from the first festival. What does that actually mean? Well, that can best be explained with a case study. Research subject: closing night. Please concentrate!
Holy cow! The festival is on the home stretch in terms of preparation, and we're blasting six new feature-length films out into the world.... Or trumpet... with kettledrums and trumpets. Oh, this is going to be fun. A film announcement in a good mood? You could almost lose your temper beforehand.
Two months before its release, we present the audience favorite of the last festival as an exclusive preview in the most beautiful open-air cinema in Regensburg, the wonderful Cinema Paradiso. Under trees, by the river and with headphones. Everything is set to make a big splash on the big screen!
Slowly, the sun displaces the dark days in Regensburg and the light returns to the cathedral city. For five days, almost 1700 spectators from all over Germany indulged in the dark side of entertainment. Horror, thrillers and sci-fi from all over the world were on the agenda at the 9th HARD:LINE Film Festival, German and even world premieres were celebrated. There was discussion and judgement, both from the audience and from the three-member jury tasked with finding the winner of the prestigious Méliès D'Argent. Both the jury of experts and the fans found what they were looking for. In 2022, three awards were therefore also presented on the closing evening of the festival.
Buying tickets is supposed to be easy. And it is on our smart new website. For each film, you'll find a ticket button that takes you directly to the shop without any complicated fuss. But some like it concentrated and presented on one page in a running order. And because we know you so well and read your every wish from your lips, we've put it all together for you. You look!
With all the changes in the details and in the big picture of the festival, one thing in particular remained the same besides our orientation: The closing night. One band, one film, one prize. That was the deal and it still is. And we won't let some virus that came along take this fun away from us. Five days of "cinema extreme" will be behind us all... and we will celebrate!
German genre cinema is one of those things. Concrete grey and in rainy dreariness, the protagonists meander through a tough plot. This or something similar is the association with German genre cinema, because there is no such thing in the public perception. When talking about local productions, one is almost tempted to count TATORT as a genre and thus betray all conventions... But...
In addition to announcements about our beloved media partners, we don't deny ourselves the pleasure of knocking out films ourselves every now and then when we're funny. Today is such a day of general fun at HARD:LINE. Because: There are only three weeks left until the festival. Fancy diving for two fine genre pearls?
Originally conceived purely as a feature-length film festival, we were forced to hold a short film competition when we became members of the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF). After all, the renowned Méliès D'Argent for the best European fantastic short film was also to be presented in Regensburg. A chore became a desire and finally a burning passion! The reason for this are the countless, insane filmmakers out there! What wonderfully awful films they let off the leash!!! But best just see for yourself.
In our case, celebrating film festivals means celebrating film festivals! But not only film. But also you, the music, life in general and the Regensburg subculture, whose level of horniness has exceeded the magic 666 for ages. Instead of game over, it's really going down. That's why we're cautiously optimistic that we'll have the opportunity to play the cinema pub again this year with our classic after-show parties. But of course we don't do that ourselves, we leave it to the professionals.