11th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 11th until April 14th 2024

We are gonna have a party! Oh, come on, two!

In our case, celebrating film festivals means celebrating film festivals! But not only film. But also you, the music, life in general and the Regensburg subculture, whose level of horniness has exceeded the magic 666 for ages. Instead of game over, it's really going down. That's why we're cautiously optimistic that we'll have the opportunity to play the cinema pub again this year with our classic after-show parties. But of course we don't do that ourselves, we leave it to the professionals.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's to be a little more relaxed in our planning and flexible when it's needed. The fact is, the signs are "go" and therefore we plan our after-show parties as we did before pandemic times. But of course we will evaluate and follow the current rules before the festival: G, GG+X, GG, GGG, FFP2, N95 - you name it. Ham wa everything and react accordingly. So it's best to keep your eyes open and switch on your brain.

FRIDAY, 8.4.2022 | GTR FNL DJS

What is hidden behind this cryptic code is not an announcement, but a hot date certainly is! Because the girls and boys from Ghost Town Radio are here to sweeten your evening with a first-class feast for the ears. Both the stylistic range and the colourful mix of at least questionable characters that the station has gathered around it are inspiring. Yep, that's exactly our thing! The DJ set will be broadcast as a "Friday Night Live" special.



Traditions are cultivated, friendships too, and also one's hair. Freshly styled, it's time for the Saturday must-see programme. The name SUBLIME stands for music trends outside the mainstream and a desire for the unusual. The indie event will be back in the venerable cinema pub in 2022 and will once again provide you with an intense and atmospheric evening! At SUBLIME, the passion of discovery and the love of music have found their home. We love them for it!


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