11th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 11th until April 14th 2024

The second, thick wave is coming in!

A first wave is usually followed by a second, third and fourth... You can only guess the extent of what can happen when the second wave comes in. You can see it in the size, width and force of the wave. Well, if massive is important to you, then we'll let it crash on the beach and leave you with no breakers.

These four titles have also already been exclusively announced by one of our media partners. Our long-time friends from Scary Movies have sat down and compiled what fine food is being served to genre fans here. Once again, one of our highest commandments should be stated at this point: The mixture makes the difference! Yes, this colourful potpourri has something for itself!

He nags all the time. She loathes him. He is Dieter, bossy egomaniac. She is Margot, sensitive wife and heiress to a castle. There he makes a sinister discovery. A figure in the dark. A shock - he loses the car keys. For that night they are stuck. Use the time to reconcile? They can't. The clocks tick differently here. Past? Future? No such thing. And: Margot and Dieter are not alone. Someone is watching their bickering spectacle closely.

This cinematic madness shows how fancy German genre fare can taste, how cool the local horror film can look and how well the giallo can speak German.

With guests!

It could have been so beautiful. But with Branden by her side, even the most beautiful holiday turns into hell. She should have closed this sad chapter long ago, were it not for their daughter Kelly. But Branden will soon be the least of Val's problems, because the hotel is ground zero of a virus outbreak. The pathogen eats away at its host from the inside and the infected torture themselves from breath to breath. Val and Kelly have to get out, but doom and madness lurk outside.

Unseen threats, hallucinations and struggles for survival. Accompanied by great pictures and a crazy sound design, HALL is an absolute indie highlight!

German premiere!

A film crew senses a story in the wooded north of Thailand: they accompany the medium Nim, in whom an ancient deity resides; a good spirit who is revered in the village. But there is also evil at work and it seems to have got into Nim's niece Mink. Sometimes she roams the streets, sometimes she beats little children, sometimes she fucks her way across the open plan office where she works. When she attacks her family, it is clear: the demon must be driven out of Mink. The solution? An exorcism!

One of the nastiest, most insane and creepiest films we have ever had the pleasure of projecting onto our screens. What a fabulously vicious piece of work!

German premiere!

Something is not right here. Marie is sure of it when she comes to the remote island with her friend George. Nothing fits here! It doesn't fit that her mother is buried here, although she didn't want that all her life. It doesn't fit that the grave has been vandalised and it doesn't fit that nobody in this damned nest seems to know anything. But much more doesn't fit here, in this place without time and space, where the world as we know it doesn't seem to exist.

Mickey Keating's latest prank is steeped in dark nightmares, opaque fog, darkness and that something that dominates everything.

German premiere!

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