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A Field in England

Director: Ben WheatleyGreat Britain 201391 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Winter gardenSat. 26.10.201322:30

That is what it is about

A field in the middle of the English Civil War: four men join forces to escape the madness of war. It is madness, however, that will set in the deserters' minds after they have eaten a home-brewed mushroom soup. Pumped full of hallucinogens, the men are of the greatest value to an Irishman believed dead. For only in this way are they of use to him in the diabolical search for a hidden treasure.

What you should know

What the hell? That's what you probably ask yourself during and after watching A FIELD IN ENGLAND. There are no adequate words to describe what Ben Wheatley conjured up here. Nor does it work to categorise the film. With a cautious attempt, one could call it "cinematic madness" or "high-definition trip". Or how about this: a sinister brew of Lars von Trier, WALHALLA RISING and SHROOMS? No! That's still far too good!
Original title: A Field in England
Rights holder: MFA+ FilmDistribution
Language: English original version
Cast: Julian Barratt Peter, Ferdinando, Richard Glover
Film Festivals: Fantastic Fest, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Sitges Catalonian International Fantastic Film Festival


Ben Wheatley was called a "directorial prodigy" after he debuted with his acclaimed film KILL LIST. In it, he consistently broke the rules of various genres and created a highly referential, metaphysical trip into the abysses of humanity. With his hotly anticipated SIGHTSEERS, he once again broke all expectations. However, he reached the peak of madness with his third work A FIELD IN ENGLAND, which won the top prize at the renowned Karlovy Vary Festival.
A Field in England, Director

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