Catch the Fair One

Director: Josef Kubota WladykaUSA 202185 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaFri. 08.04.202220:00

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That is what it is about

Without a doubt it's her! The half-naked girl in the picture is Kaylee's sister Weeta! How long she has longed for this day and yet how much she has dreaded it, for with it her premonition has become bitter reality. Weeta has been kidnapped and has fallen into the clutches of an unscrupulous clan who peddle young girls en masse to suitors. Eternities of training, retreat and pain - it's time for the former boxer to go out and find her sister.

What you should know

A film like a punch. This thriller is a boxing film and a revenge film in equal measure, and yet the drama shimmers through the images at all times, which are so bleak and desolate that one shudders. If THE WRESTLER rings a bell in your memory, you have the right man at the door. Darren Aronofsky was executive producer here and the film breathes this spirit. What weighs even more, however, is Kali Reis' sheer screen presence. Let her send you on the boards!
Original title: Catch the Fair One
Rights holder: Memento Films International
Language: English original version
Cast: Tiffany Chu, Daniel Henshall, Kali Reis
Film Festivals: Deauville Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival


Josef Kubota Wladyka is a name strongly associated with short films and episodes of famous series: THE TERROR, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD or NARCOS. Previously, Kubota Wladyka, half Japanese and half Polish, completed his Master of Fine Arts at New York University and subsequently won the Spike Lee Fellowship Award. In 2014, he presented his first feature film, MANOS SUCIAS. After almost seven years, he is finally returning to feature-length films. Hopefully to stay.
Catch the Fair One, Director

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