Lost in the Sky

Director: Simon ÖsterSweden 202312 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
East gate cinemaSat. 08.04.202322:15World premiere

That is what it is about

Somewhere in space, the little robot follows its destiny and searches for surviving humans. Along for the ride: his steerable escape pods, which he can dock to errant spaceships. But somehow, it seems, his heroic story does not want to come true, because intact ships in the dark and beautiful eternity of space are a rare fortune... Digital effects are not to be found here. Simon Öster's directorial debut is a completely handmade space adventure to marvel at!
Nominated for the Méliès D'Argent
Original title: Lost in the Sky
Rights holder: Kojan Film AB
Language: English original version
Cast: Amanda Kilpeläinen Arvidsson

Our guests at the film screening

Simon Öster

The dream come true of starting a production company with his buddies that focuses on "Practical Effects" threatens to become a nightmare... Six years of work (!) went into this twelve minute film. Everything here (!!) is real. And when you're done marveling, you can ask Simon Öster black holes in the belly at the world premiere of his directorial debut (!!!).

Méliès D'Argent Award

Lost in the Sky won the Méliès D'Argent for Best European Fantastic Short Film at the 2023 HARD:LINE Festival.

Audience Award

Lost in the Sky was voted 1st place (4.42 points) in the short film category by our audience at HARD:LINE Festival 2023.

The evaluation was based on a five-point system (1 = Nope!, 5 = Yeah!).

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