Soft & Quiet

Director: Beth de AraújoUSA 202291 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor cinemaFri. 07.04.202315:15

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That is what it is about

Elementary school teacher Emily organizes a meeting with politically like-minded women who feel uncomfortable in modern, multicultural society. Together, the self-proclaimed "Daughters of Aryan Unity" rant about the preferential treatment of immigrants and bemoan their middle-class fate. Later, when they want to wash down the hateful tirades with a glass of wine, the ladies encounter a pair of Asian sisters in the supermarket. Their hatred is unleashed and the mischief takes its course...

What you should know

Whereas in films like THIS IS ENGLAND or AMERICAN HISTORY X it was always male aggressors, SOFT & QUIET shows what women, driven by racism and xenophobia, can be capable of. The coffee party promptly turns into a nasty home invasion shocker à la FUNNY GAMES. Playing out like a one-shot movie in real time, the flick turns out to be a bone-crushing kick in the crown jewels that leaves you with an uncomfortable gut feeling. Hard to believe: Actually a Blumhouse production!
Original title: Soft & Quiet
Rights holder: Blue Finch Releasing
Language: English original version
Cast: Stefanie Estes, Olivia Luccardi, Eleanore Pienta, Jon Beavers
Film Festivals: Fantasy Film Fest, SXSW Film Festival


Beth de Araújo was born in San Francisco. Her mother is Sino-American, her father is from Brazil. While the screenplay for JOSEPHINE won an award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, the up-and-coming director is now celebrating her feature film debut with SOFT & QUIET. For her first project, she was able to attract names like Olivia Luccardi (IT FOLLOWS) and Jon Beavers (LICORICE PIZZA). Showered with praise, SOFT & QUIET is quite rightly a hotly anticipated meanie of a film.
Soft & Quiet, Directress

Audience Award

Soft & Quiet was voted 2nd place (4.18 points) in the feature length category by our audience at HARD:LINE Festival 2023.

The evaluation was based on a five-point system (1 = Nope!, 5 = Yeah!).

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