10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023


Director: Carlos Gómez-TrigoSpain 20217 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaSat. 09.04.202222:30

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Imagine there's no people! If war is no longer the biggest problem facing humanity, then something really bad must have happened. As a person of science, however, one always believes in a solution. After all, everything is predictable, isn't it? So also the moment when the three Survivers (or was it Survivors? Never mind.) are allowed to take off their self-made helmets. Who wants to be the first?
Nominated for the Méliès D'Argent
Original title: Survivers
Rights holder: Carlos Gómez-Trigo
Language: Original with English subtitles
Cast: Stéphanie Magnin, Maarten Dannenberg, Alex Moreu
Film Festivals: Fantasia Film Festival, Fantaspoa Film Festival, FilmQuest, Trieste Science+Fiction Festival

Méliès D'Argent Award

Survivers won the Méliès D'Argent for Best European Fantastic Short Film at the HARD:LINE Festival 2022.

Audience Award

Survivers was voted 5th place (3.33 points) in the short film category by our audience at the HARD:LINE Festival 2022.

The evaluation was based on a five-point system (1 = Nope!, 5 = Yeah!).

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