The Deep Ones

Director: Chad FerrinUSA 202082 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaThu. 24.09.202022:00International Premiere

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That is what it is about

It's time for Alex and Petri to switch off. Too much has happened: Work, stress and an exit make life hard for the two of them. A beautiful holiday home with a view of the sea is to become a place of togetherness. The landlords of the house are also nice, everything seems perfect for a new start. When the acquaintances and events become more and more bizarre, it is already too late. For an ancient and deeply evil entity from the depths of the sea has it in for the two of them.

What you should know

No mega CGI thunderbolts, no big names, hardly any money. Instead, an idea, friends and a passion to make a film that essentially harkens back to the filmmaking of days gone by. This is not retro chic, but the essence of independent filmmaking. THE DEEP ONES is a Lovecraft story with strange locals, obscure cults and a monster that instantly makes us feel 15 again - back when we used to scour the afternoon TV guide for the word "horror". Beautiful!
Original title: H.P. Lovecraft's the Deep Ones
Rights holder: Crappy World Films
Language: English original version
Cast: Jackie Debatin, Johann Urb, Kelli Maroney
Film Festivals: GrimmFest, Sitges Catalonian International Fantastic Film Festival


Born in Minnesota in 1973, Chad Ferrin is an old hand in the film business and has already been involved in major films such as GOD'S ARMY (1995). A few Troma productions also appear in the American's portfolio. But his main fields are his own low-budget productions like ESTER BUNNY KILL! KILL!, ATTACK ON LA or EXORCISM AT 60000 FEET, in which a priest and a rabbi fight against an impending possession pandemic on a plane. Well: collected points? Then let's go to THE DEEP ONES.
The Deep Ones, Director

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