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The Mind's Eye

Director: Joe BegosUSA 2015115 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaSat. 24.09.201622:30

That is what it is about

For Zack, his telekinetic abilities are increasingly becoming a problem. Once he gets angry, bad things happen. Doctor Slovak's therapy comes in handy. But something is wrong. Zack's former lover Rachel is also in Slovak's facility and is being treated badly. Zack's anger rises more and more and he does everything in his power to escape with Rachel. But the doctor will know how to prevent this. This is the right moment to reveal Slovak's dark secret.

What you should know

Imagine going to your closet and pulling out that very film. The one you've seen many times that opened the door to horror films. That film where mad scientists fight highly gifted telekineticists and unpack the Cronenberg mace in dim light to synth stompers. Which eventually stops making sense, but it doesn't matter because it's just wonderful and all. Just imagine: We've found it... and you haven't seen it yet!
Original title: The Mind's Eye
Rights holder: Lightning Entertainment
Language: English original version
Cast: Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, Larry Fessenden, John Speredakos
Film Festivals: FANT Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Slash Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival


Joe Begos is a producer, screenwriter and director. In all his films he sits at all the levers, which gives him a great deal of freedom. Perhaps the necessary freedom to be able to do what he wants. After his first short film BAD MOON RISING and his debut ALMOST HUMAN, Begos again sets out to bow deeply to his own roots. What makes critics' hair stand on end is incredibly fun for fans and festival programmers. It is welcome to stay that way.
The Minds Eye, Director

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