10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

They Look Like People

Director: Perry BlackshearUSA 201580 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Club ShimmerlessFri. 23.09.201616:00

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That is what it is about

Another one of those calls! The woman on the other end repeats the warning about the coming war. Wyatt doesn't know who he can trust. Everyone around him seems to be gradually turning into these creatures. They nest, take control and destroy their hosts from within. Their goal? To wipe out humanity? Wyatt's escape to his old school friend Christian feels like the last chance. Is there still hope for humanity, or is everything already too late?

What you should know

What sounds like the remake of BODY SNATCHERS is actually one of the most exciting and novel independent films of recent years. From the very first second, a dark shadow settles over the screen, illustrating Wyatt's mental illness in a way never seen before. THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE takes you on a journey into a strange world where there is only a razor-thin line between truth and madness. An intense horror trip, but also an ode to friendship!
Original title: They Look Like People
Rights holder: They Look Like People LLC
Language: English original version
Cast: MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel, Margaret Ying Drake
Film Festivals: Boston International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, FrightFest, Slamdance Film Festival


Perry Blackshear studied film at New York University, where he mainly made short films. His first feature film THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE was a bomb, even though he had almost no financial means for its realisation. His independent gem was celebrated at film festivals worldwide and won prestigious awards. Among them was the award for "most innovative film of the year" at the renowned Fantasia Film Festival.
They Look Like People, Director

Audience Award

They Look Like People was voted 3rd place (2.84 points) in the Perspective category by our audience at the HARD:LINE Festival 2016.

The evaluation was based on a five-point system (1 = Nope!, 5 = Yeah!).

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