10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

What went on at the 4th HARD:LINE Film Festival


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In the end, it's all about putting on a great festival for you. Sometimes you have to resist the temptations of the festival organisation. Do you decide to show Film A, which has already been screened at some festivals and should also be shown at ours, but then without any premiere glamour? Or should we rather show Film B, which is not quite as classy as A, but would be shown in Germany for the first time? The latter promises greater national attention and makes it easier for us to find sponsors. The former, on the other hand, means lowering your expectations as a festival a little and simply doing your job: Namely, to celebrate a film festival that only exists because there is an audience for it. Without people, that's for sure, nothing happens here. In the end, it's simply your presence that helps us bring a proper festival to Regensburg. Every butt that sits in one of our cinema seats contributes to our ability to continue. Therefore, our appeal to you: Just come and celebrate the freest genre of all with us for four days.

We provide the infrastructure for this. But things have also changed. We are very sad that we have to leave the cinemas in the Andreasstadel. But the house simply became too small for the festival. The crazy run on tickets in the last three years showed that. Nevertheless, we feel very attached to the two cinemas in Stadtamhof and will stay right there with the monthly film series. For the film festival in September, however, we are allowed to move to the Ostentor Kino and its adjoining locations for the first time. For the time being, this means twice as many seats for you. This way we hope to cope with the madness (in the most positive sense of the word). You can't imagine how incredible it feels when we see the long queues outside the auditoriums. And yet it's all about getting you all where you want to be.

There was also justified criticism last year. We are very grateful for that, because it is the only way to develop, although we are also happy to accept praise. We have listened to the critical voices and worked on ourselves. From now on, you can watch all the films again and there will be no overlap with screenings in other cinemas. That is why we have extended the festival by one day. So there are four days this year, four crazy days full of cinematic anarchy, cinematic wild growth and truly horrifying contributions. This is HARD:LINE 2016, cinema at its best: Film as untamed, wild and free art for everyone over 18!

The films of the 4th HARD:LINE Film Festival

A total of 4 film premiere(s) in 2016. Of which 0 world premiere(s) [W]; 1 international premiere(s) [I]; 0 European premiere(s) [E]; 3 German premiere(s) [ D];


Guests present at the screening

Our festival guests

Luke Barnett, Vincent Masciale

From now and for all eternity, guests are to be invited to the films at HARD:LINE. The next step in the development of a festival. So we set about actively inviting the first festival guests. We called... and they came!

Director Vincent Masciale and screenwriter Luke Barnett were present at the international premiere of FEAR, INC and answered the audience's questions. Together they are also responsible for the production company Lone Suspects and were thus able to give direct insights into the development process.

The award winners of the 4th HARD:LINE Film Festival

Audience voting:

hardline audience award
The best spotlights
  1. UNDER THE SHADOW (4,31)
  2. FEAR, INC (4.10)
  3. YOGA HOSERS (3,79)
The best films from the Perspective category
hardline audience award

The timetable of the festival

Framework programme

Directors Spotlight

Directors Spotlight 2016

Young directors need to let off steam, try things out - they need to fail and win. But how much time do they have for these necessary experiences once the money mill has started turning? What Mickey Keating casually trumpets to the world in his tweet above is also the quintessence of his work: see, learn and implement. What good is the best theory if it can't be used in practice?

Directors with such a thirst for freedom can hardly help but look around in all possible niches of the freest of all genres. For here, in the field of tension between horror, thriller and science fiction, creativity and vision are required above all if one wants to inspire. Directors who want to make a name for themselves here need either a patron or a strong voice of their own. Mickey Keating undoubtedly belongs to the latter.

His films are extraordinary in every respect! To the extent that they take up familiar patterns and deconstruct them skilfully, for example. But also because each of the filmmaker's films differs massively from its predecessor, the name Keating has become a very well-known one at international festivals. What sounds disjointed is in fact like a unified whole, because the Canadian's signature is always unmistakable. That is why we are certain: Mickey Keating is one of the most exciting directors on the worldwide banquet of extreme cinema.

We invite you to take a closer look at his work!

Paranoia Trip to Club Shimmerless

Paranoia Trip 2016

We'll show you cinema like you've never experienced it before! Descend with us into the cathedral of fear and experience a visual paranoia trip you'll never forget! We take you deep into the bowels of the city, into the dark catacombs of Club Shimmerless.

Between brute-looking concrete walls you will find a parallel world permeated by heavy clouds of fog and pulsating in neon light, which will be transformed for you into a unique light show.

Here in the nightmarish depths we exclusively show two absolute highlights of paranoia cinema. Where there is no more reason, we let two cinematic bastards off the chains. This event will hunt you down - face it!


Aftershow party 2016

A festival is also a party - we know that! That's why we're making sure that you'll also get something to do besides the cinema events. In the adjacent cinema pub, we'll be putting on something special for you every night from 10pm onwards and also have a few surprises in store. We will stay true to our credo and let Regensburg's subculture speak for itself. Be curious to hear what they have to say.

Friday: DJ Joe & Dušan Two familiar faces from the environment of the old Plan9 and new DNA will make a racket at the turntables with nimble fingers and musical savvy. The suspects call themselves Joe and Dušan. Their mission: to turn the cinema pub upside down!

The repertoire ranges from Pixies to Death, from Motörhead to Slayer. But you shouldn't limit your expectations too much. Because freedom at the turntables also includes letting yourself drift into other areas. Just let yourself drift along!

Saturday: Sublime Party For many years, S|U|B|L|I|M|E has been part of the city's music scene and plays a prominent role in it. With exquisite musical taste, the makers focus on offstream indie and explore the roots of the pop-cultural avant-garde just as much as they have absolute insider tips of current music developments in store.

On this evening, the DJ team will once again celebrate a distinctive evening and transform the cinema pub into a temple of dance and music. You've never seen the venerable one like this before...



Final evening

Final volume 2016

As it is, sometimes you have to say goodbye to cherished traditions. So for the first time, we will not be moving to a pub for our final evening, but staying at the Ostentor cinema. But that doesn't detract from the fun, because the setting remains the same: a great band, a great film and simply a good evening with nice people... to bring the Film Festival to a fitting end!

The musician collective GHOST TOWN NOIZE has been around for almost a year now. Really strong bands from Regensburg and the surrounding area are part of the group. Two of the bands have been on our final stage in the last two years. So it was clear to us that in future the closing night of the HARD:LINE Film Festival will be all about the collective. And this year they have something very special in store for you.

An experiment, without a doubt! GHOST TOWN NOIZE puts on a great show and conjures up an interesting and novel mix of two bands at the Ostentor Kino.
On the one hand, we have the legendary CONTAINER HEAD, who let surge after surge of sound wash over us. A carpet of sound that is not only virtuosic, but also eats its way into the listener's ears like a small, nasty creature. Once it has settled in, it won't do a thing and leave again. Live with it!

The devil also has it with DIAMOND DOGS. They were already our final band in 2014 and gave us goosebumps all the way to our big toes. Melancholic and at the same time wonderfully catchy road movie sound. The country-noir duo invites us to shake hands with the devil... And the devil will never walk away.

Even we don't know how these two exceptional bands harmonise with each other. But what we do know is that we are incredibly looking forward to the show!



Impressions from the 4th HARD:LINE Film Festival