11th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 11th until April 14th 2024

Graduation Evening 2022 - Fix und feddisch!

With all the changes in the details and in the big picture of the festival, one thing in particular remained the same besides our orientation: The closing night. One band, one film, one prize. That was the deal and it still is. And we won't let some virus that came along take this fun away from us. Five days of "cinema extreme" will be behind us all... and we will celebrate!

"Being a film festival also means knowing where you come from and where you stand. For our part, we continue to locate ourselves in Regensburg's subculture. We grew out of it, we love its places, its players, its artists and its faces. From punk to metal, from indie to pop, from film nerd to radio play fan; all the colourful dogs and grey mice. If we're honest, it's the sideshows that make a city liveable and lovable, isn't it? This disorganised network is what we want to celebrate and show to the world. That's what HARD:LINE stands for, that's what the small and big celebrations within the festival stand for, but that's also what the closing night stands for above all. This is simply about letting go. By then, almost five days of film festival will be behind us, but also two years of pandemic shit. Let's enjoy this evening, relax, switch off our brains and have fun. As before, we will close our festival with a concert and an enjoyable closing film. But just see for yourself...

All this doesn't have to cost much: the final evening with band and film costs only 10€ in 2022.

Radio play pop. What the hell is that supposed to be? Well, what it is! The three musicians are not question marks in Regensburg, but extremely familiar faces. Together they have further developed and refined the concept of the band that has already existed for years. The result is an audiophile pleasure in a class of its own, where polyphonic synth sound is just as important as grooving rhythms and progressive melodies. With every note, you get deeper into the world of {Mortimer} and could almost lose yourself in it. Great cinema!

Come in numbers, let yourselves go, enjoy the fun and have a good time. With all the crappiness of things, that's really important! Really!

Live on Stage!

Five girls, plus pizza and alcohol - that's what a real party must look like. But when the car starts having problems, a stopover somewhere in the middle of nowhere becomes necessary. Luckily, the cranky old lady at the petrol station has a cabin for rent. Far out by the lake, where you can't hear anyone screaming. Anyway, it was a party, right? It was party time, wasn't it? Pizza shoved in, a little booze, pyjamas out and off we go. A woman doesn't let a sinister man with a one-metre drill spoil the mood.

Girls, party, bad guy! A fresh and rather crude representative of his guild. Gory, sarcastic, never boring, always piercing. Kinoparty ick hör dir trapsen!

German premiere!

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