10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

It Follows

Director: David Robert MitchellUSA 2014100 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Winter gardenFri. 26.09.201420:00Opening Night

That is what it is about

A girl runs into the street driven by pure fear. No one can help, because anyone could be this thing and therefore poses a deadly danger! The next day she is found dead - bestially murdered. The curse thus falls back on its bearer, who is now once again being pursued by an indefinable something that wants to kill him. The only chance to survive is to pass on the curse once more. But can he be sure that it will work this time?

What you should know

Robert David Mitchell's second feature film is an outstanding example of how refreshingly different horror film can be, even without breaking taboos. He skilfully combines familiar set pieces with an idiosyncratic visual language and a grandiose sound design to create a multi-layered and incredibly exciting film that has what it takes to write horror film history. IT FOLLOWS is a directorial masterpiece of incredible intensity and sustainability.
Original title: It Follows
Rights holder: Weltkino
Language: English original version
Cast: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi
Film Festivals: Cannes Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival, Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


Robert David Mitchell is still an unknown quantity in this country. He has already attracted international attention with THE AMERICAN SLEEPOVER, toured the world's festivals with his first film and won awards at Cannes, SXSW and Chicago. However, it was denied a film distributor in Germany. This could now change, as Mitchell impressively proves with IT FOLLOWS what a great artist he is.
It Follows, Director

Audience Award

It Follows was voted 3rd place (3.48 points) in the Spotlights category by our audience at the HARD:LINE Festival 2014.

The evaluation was based on a five-point system (1 = Nope!, 5 = Yeah!).

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