What happened at the 2nd HARD:LINE Film Festival


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Who would have thought that a small film festival like HARD:LINE would be sold out to the last seat at its premiere? Wow! We were overwhelmed by the response and at the same time we felt sorry for every guest who didn't get any more tickets!

Getting tickets will certainly not be easier this year, but the contingent is larger. There will no longer be just five films, but seven exclusive screenings. At the second HARD:LINE festival, we will concentrate exclusively on new films that will be released soon or perhaps never. Variety is just as important as high quality. Only the best and most interesting contributions make it into the programme. Taste the best!

More international films and various special events such as a panel discussion with filmmakers, youth protection experts and scientists on the topic of "Violence in the Media and Censorship", after-show parties or the much-loved closing night with a band, surprise film and DJ, however, also require a financial outlay that should not be underestimated. That is why we owe special thanks to all our supporters! The advertising partners no less than our main sponsor Silverline TV and the Regensburger Kulturstiftung der REWAG.

Only the commitment of many people makes this festival possible. Only in this way can we celebrate a film festival that is deeply rooted in the subculture and open to all. You are cordially invited to watch films with us, to discuss them and, if necessary, to condemn them. Look forward to nice parties with nice people and film lovers; to interesting conversations and wacky, sneaky, fun, crazy and artistically valuable films. Look forward to the second HARD:LINE festival with us.

The films of the 2nd HARD:LINE Film Festival


A total of 1 film premiere(s) in 2014. Of which 0 world premiere(s) [W]; 0 international premiere(s) [I]; 0 European premiere(s) [E]; 1 German premiere(s) [ D];


Guests present at the screening

Our festival guests

Rouven Blankenfeld, Dr Thorsten Fehr, Prof. Dr Bernd Scheffer, Sabine Seiffert

We didn't invite people to the films at the second HARD:LINE Film Festival, but to the panel discussion, which was intended to be an open discussion about violence in the media. We had the pleasure of welcoming guests to Regensburg who took up the most diverse positions and thus opened up perspectives.

Rouven Blankenfeld is the director of the German surprise films IN DIE HAND GESCHRIEBEN (2004) and LIEBEN (2006). The latter was almost his undoing in his vita. Reason enough to hear his opinion in the discussion.

Dr. Thorsten Fehr is a brain researcher, psychologist and private lecturer from Bremen and was thus able to make an important contribution to the scientific consideration of the topic of "violence in the media".

Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheffer from LMU Munich is also a psychologist, but looks at violence and the media primarily against a background of literature and media studies. His position knows: the truth lies in between.

One-sidedness is far from us and we want to create understanding for all positions. That is why Sabine Seiffert from the FSK was a special pleasure for us. She allowed exciting insights into the evaluation process and made it clear what role violence plays in it.

The award winners of the 2nd HARD:LINE Film Festival

Audience voting:

hardline audience award
The best spotlights

1. DEAD SNOW 2 - RED VS DEAD (4.21)
2. COHERENCE (3.73)
3. IT FOLLOWS (3.48)

The timetable of the festival

Framework programme


Party 2014

You have to celebrate the festivals as they fall! That's what we're saying to ourselves this year, too, and so every evening there's a wonderful place not far from the festival centre to get into conversation with nice people. Here you can talk about the films of the festival or simply get to know your seatmate. We cordially invite you to the after-show party at the KLAPPE, where you can stay until 4 a.m. and enjoy good food, fine drinks and lots of music. The KLAPPE team has come up with a lot of ideas. Be curious and come in large numbers! DJs: DJ Ä on Friday, DJ Till on Saturday.

Panel discussion

Panel discussion 2014

As a friend of extreme art, one often finds oneself sidelined. Questions are asked about the why of violent content, and often personal verbal attacks are made. Or is it the horror fans and computer gamers themselves who, with the help of justification theories, set exclusion mechanisms in motion? One thing is certain: violence in the media is not new, but it is omnipresent. It surrounds us at all times of the day and night, even far away from a subculturally influenced curiosity. But where does it start to become a problem? At what point is it no longer enough to protect our children from media content?

In recent years, the discussion has been criminally neglected. When it was discussed, it was mainly in personal circles, while the public was mostly silent. But the issue affects everyone in the Federal Republic without exception and everyone should form an opinion on it. That is why we have decided to relaunch the discussion and invited guests with practical experience as well as renowned representatives from academia. The aim is to present a differentiated discussion and to bring together different positions on the pros and cons of fictions containing violence.

Guests: Rouven Blankenfeld (director), Dr. Thorsten Fehr (brain researcher), Sabine Seiffert (FSK), Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheffer (media scientist). Moderation: Christian Schiffer.

Final concert

Final concert 2014

What a wonderful and unusual evening it was last year! First the POPTONES made an audible comeback after many years of abstinence and put everyone in a good mood, before FRESH MEAT, a fitting film for a vegetarian restaurant, flickered across the screen. The festival ended in a good mood with film music played by DJ Ä. A lot could have gone wrong. But it didn't! And so 120 people gathered at Plan9 in Werftstraße to celebrate!

Because it was so nice, we are staying true to the concept again this year and inviting a band, showing a surprise film and listening spellbound to the sounds of a record entertainer. DIAMOND DOGS will open the evening at 7 pm with their unforgettable and absolutely unique sound: with clean electric guitar, double bass and distinctive voice, they will bring a grandiose mixture of melancholic road movie sound with surf guitar influences to the stage! Tom Waits meets Johnny Cash, Marlene Dietrich and Tarantino soundtrack. The country-noir duo is already one of the legends of our cathedral city and we are mighty proud to have them as the closing band at HARD:LINE!

As soon as the justified demand for "encore" dies down, the Tiki Beat transforms into a cinema bar. Just like last year, we'll be turning out the lights and throwing an absolutely special SURPRISE FILM on the screen, which will provide the very best entertainment. Even before the film is released, we will show you a party grenade that will not leave a dry eye in the house! A film that plays with the clichés of the shadow creatures of the horror film, takes them completely ad absurdum and still gives new insights into the life and death of the scary creatures. An absolute must-see!


Impressions from the 2nd HARD:LINE Film Festival