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Operation Avalanche

Director: Matt JohnsonUSA 201694 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaSun. 25.09.201620:00Closing Night

That is what it is about

When sensitive data threaten national security in the USA of the 1960s, it smells suspiciously of a Soviet mole. To unmask this mole, two CIA agents infiltrate NASA. Disguised as documentary filmmakers who want to record the preparations for the moon landing, they discover much bigger problems than the traitor. NASA turns out to be incapable of landing on the moon. A catastrophe in the cold war! But the documentary team has an idea...

What you should know

Almost 20 years after THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, the found-footage genre seems hackneyed. Every now and then, however, a film strays into a new corner of fake documentaries and brings a breath of fresh air. OPERATION AVALANCHE dances lively between mockumentary, conspiracy theory, thriller and comedy. It is the almost naïve lightness of the film that on the one hand puts us in a good mood, but on the other hand once again raises the question: And if everything ...? No way! Or maybe it does?
Original title: Operation Avalanche
Rights holder: Ascot Elite
Language: English original version
Cast: Matt Johnson, Owen Williams, Krista Madison
Film Festivals: Filmfest München, Rotterdam International Film Festival, South by Southwest Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival


Found footage directors are often accused of being uninspired and of leading the audience around by the nose only through the power of images. Sometimes, however, they do more: Matt Johnson actually snuck into NASA with his team and pretended they were shooting a student film, only to pretend they were CIA agents sneaking into NASA... Phew! Johnson is an extremely creative director, he proved that definitively with his second film. Full stop.
Operation Avalanche, Director

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