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Director: Jeremiah KippUSA 202185 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaSat. 09.04.202216:00German premiere

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That is what it is about

Nothing is the same for Lucas and Tom. The world is crazy and so is the entire environment of the two brothers. After the death of their parents, they try to fight their way through life and each of them deals with it differently. Lucas becomes the classic problem child at school and Tom seeks his salvation in alcohol. One game keeps them together: Slapface. Hit as hard as you can, and I'll hit you... But that's not all: a dark creature lurks in the woods and keeps a close eye on both of them. Especially Lucas.

What you should know

Monsters and children. Children and their development. These motifs have already been seen in the most diverse forms. For example, as an extremely nasty variant in FOUND, with which SLAPFACE has more in common than it first appears. Ultra-hard splatter? Nope, there's no need for that here. Rather, it is the gloom and hopelessness of PYEWACKET that spreads here. The result is a nasty but also moving genre indie that skilfully plays with motifs and viewers.
Original title: Slapface
Rights holder: Tiberius Film
Language: English original version
Cast: Love Barer, Mirabelle Lee, Mike Manning, August Maturo
Film Festivals: FrightFest, GrimmFest, Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival, Terror Molins


Jeremiah Kipp, who lives in New York, has carved a few markers into his notch over the years. His portfolio includes a large number of short films on which he worked as both producer and director. In addition, credits are listed as a screenwriter and he himself was active as an actor. In his career of over 20 years, he has been able to gain important experience that helps him in the realisation of his films. Important for an indie director! The result speaks for itself!
Slapface, Director

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