Festival Passes on sale!

When we had to decide in July 2020, at external insistence, whether and when we would do our festival in 2021, we weighed it up and said: it might not be over by then. So we moved to April 2022 and have to state on today's date: It could be that the haunting is not over yet. But it will get better! For example with our Festival Passes!

What's next?

We are finally planning a normal film festival again and therefore also a programme with 15 long and 16 short films. Within the short film selection, ten films will once again vie for the internationally recognised Méliès D'Argent Award for the best European short film. Six more fantastic contributions from the rest of the world show how vibrant the short film scene is.

Despite Corona, we want to celebrate an exciting film festival with you. We promise to offer you a fine selection of international genre highlights to the best of our knowledge and belief. The programme is taking shape and around three quarters of the line-up has already been finalised, so we can already tell you today that it's going to be pretty wild. From here to there, from big to small, from jagged to slow, from creepy to crude. There will be something for everyone in the programme. But you're also sure to find something you've never looked for.

The first titles will be revealed via our media partners before we slowly add them to our website. So keep your eyes open, listen to the dudes from Deep Red Radio, read the Art of Horror, follow the news about Scary Movies and practise your English at Dread Central. Genre partners for genre fans!

Same Procedures?

Corona, Corona, Corona. We are so tired of it! Actually, the word should no longer be used here and yet we have to prepare ourselves for possible tightening and certain requirements that endanger the safe survival of our event. Team caution and all that. Oh well, let's not bother. Let's just have a cool film festival, shall we? Yeah, let's do that then.
Actually, there is nothing to say. Everything the same. Cool. We'll be showing 15 feature-length films and 16 short films in two short blocks on the big screen, there will be some guests on films (even if we're still holding back the accelerator a little here), a panel discussion is in the works, there will be a closing concert and parties. Quite simply HARD:LINE. For this story, 50 season tickets will be on sale again, there will be box office again, and so on. Of course, everything will be in accordance with the rules in force.
No more Hybrid Festival! This is the best way to sum up the basic mood within the team. Not everything went smoothly and it is virtually impossible to organise an online festival parallel to the festival. Well, you learn from your mistakes and try to do it better, if you have to use the word "hybrid" again. We will also play out the ninth HARD:LINE Film Festival on the net. In part. In addition to eight feature-length films, we also want to make the two short film blocks available online. From 14 to 24 April, this selection will then be offered to a maximum of 200 users per show. Two films will be published every two days - available for 48 hours, retrievable from Germany and for a fair 5 € per film or block. There is no profit in this. As a non-profit association, however, that is not our goal. It should be nice. 
At the eighth festival we had written at this point, "Much is different, some is the same". We are ready to turn this statement around: "Much is the same, some is different". In other words: It'll be alright!

We hope we've got you a little excited about the festival. So it's time to book your season tickets, right? For all the early birds out there, the Early Bird Pass is available at a trustworthy advance price of 85 €. From 10 March, the price will then rise to a still very fair 99 €. Either way: You can buy your tickets here!

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