H:LIFF9: First wave announced!

In March the farmer harnesses the little oxen. Or was it oxen after all? Whatever the case, it is clear that we are just under a month away from the ninth HARD:LINE Film Festival. The first time in April. The first time in spring. You can only get cheerful, can't you? And when the Bavarian gets cheerful, he throws around agricultural songs. But when the horror fan is rejoicing, he throws out the first four titles of the festival, for example.

Our media partner Art of Horror has already reported on the first four titles and now we are following suit. We have selected four films that are intended to set a direction and show that there is something for everyone. We remain true to our idea that there is nothing more boring than being predictable. Why do you go to a film festival? Of course! To find treasures and discover things you hadn't thought of. Chatting with people and getting perspectives. That's the essence of it all. So let's throw the first four pearls into the water. After that, you can dive yourselves!

A small town in the middle of Thuringia. Teenagers Erik and Sebastian are outsiders. They are bullied at school and get punched in the mouth by the Nazis at the village meeting place. Apart from that, the dog has died here. So they do their time. Gambling. Shooting guns in the forest. But under the surface, things are boiling. Violent fantasies are ripening, their thoughts are circling. Revenge. Retribution. Justice? "Do it!" whispers this voice from the swamp. Erik listens. It is 11 September 2001, also in Thuringia.

When hotline psychic Clementine gets another call on what should be a normal evening on duty, she has a terrible vision: she witnesses the man on the other end of the line literally slaughtering a woman. Despite all warnings, Clementine follows his trail. What she finds is madness personified: a woman-killing psychopath is up to his nefarious mischief. As if that were not enough, she clearly sees that the killer knows exactly who is on his heels.

As the local pastor, Bishop holds his faith high and even turns his cheek in dicey situations. This drives his two daughters up the wall. Of course, Bishop has to give in when the older one wants to go to a party. But when Sarah witnesses a serious crime, the perpetrator drives her to her death. For Bishop, a world comes crashing down. For him it is clear: he will look for the perpetrators and hunt them down. But where he goes, there are no gods. Here there is only revenge!

He is always there, that dark shadow with the yellow eyes. It is just waiting to devour them and rob them of their courage to face life. The siblings Daphne and Will have a hard time coping with everyday life, because a traumatic childhood experience gnaws at them. Sometimes things go okay, but then the past bites mercilessly again. Only together can they survive! When their togetherness is suddenly shattered, the yellow-eyed man senses his chance...

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