11th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 11th until April 14th 2024

Of exotics and witches... Two more titles of the festival

In addition to announcements about our beloved media partners, we don't deny ourselves the pleasure of knocking out films ourselves every now and then when we're funny. Today is such a day of general fun at HARD:LINE. Because: There are only three weeks left until the festival. Fancy diving for two fine genre pearls?

Before we take another look at the four titles from our partner Deep Red Radio, we will show you two more films that will celebrate their German premieres in Regensburg. Exotics and variations on classic motifs are a familiar part of the festival for us. And that's exactly what the two films we're presenting to you now are doing.

But wait, didn't the writer here say something about "four tracks"? Yep, because the colleagues from Deep Red Radio have already released their first info-pod for the upcoming festival and we suggest you keep an open ear!

The bare prairie. A column. The cargo? People. Panic spreads across the truck bed. Their hopeless situation seems to be related to a failed human experiment. Resisting hardly seems to make sense, as the sadistic commander and his armed bloodhounds brutally punish any unwanted action. Nevertheless, Arvin and Ejla manage to escape... But the escape comes to an abrupt end and ends in a metre-deep pit from which there is no escape.

An Azerbaijani zombie survival horror film? But hello! APORIA manages to nail the audience to the edge of their seats with ease and a wink.

German premiere!

Nothing is the same for Lucas and Tom. The world is crazy and so is the entire environment of the two brothers. After the death of their parents, they try to fight their way through life and each of them deals with it differently. Lucas becomes the classic problem child at school and Tom seeks his salvation in alcohol. One game keeps them together: Slapface. Hit as hard as you can, and I'll hit you... But that's not all: a dark creature lurks in the woods and keeps a close eye on both of them. Especially Lucas.

Gloom and hopelessness spread throughout this dog-eat-dog but also moving witchcraft film that skilfully plays with its motifs and viewers.

German premiere!

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