11th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 11th until April 14th 2024

Our graduation evening 2023

Again and again we emphasize that we are still the same bangers as the ones from the first festival. What does that actually mean? Well, that can best be explained with a case study. Research subject: closing night. Please concentrate!

Not only the pandemic is behind us, but also a storm of silent holidays. Yes, Easter was a stupid idea. But it will still have been fun. You'll lean back on Sunday night into the sweat you've spent four days sweating into the theater seats for that offbeat movie. You will cast an exhausted glance at your neighbor. The grin on the other person's face will make you realize that you have experienced something together. An eternal bond will connect you and you will look forward to the grand finale with tears of joy in your eyes. The graduation night! You have heard a lot about it. About this grandiose event, which is still talked about even in Canada. About an evening when the blood root throbs in your veins and you wait for nothing but what you can't wait for.

Concert, award ceremony and film. All at one price. All in one show. This is the closing night as we love it. Sometimes snotty, sometimes light. High culture and subculture. X and Y. Ernie and Bert.


Beer and snot rock. We all know what that looks like: Four bearded wankers with their clamps, dreaming of man-sized iron bells on the 300m stage after the fifth half at the latest. Yes, stereotypes are there to be torn down with the ass. In our case the demolition squad with its own mixture of hardrock, punk and glam is simply called "DOLL CIRCUS". The protagonists of this music-made bar mood are called Shake The Snake, Vero Pistolero, Terry Lee, Spacecat Katharella and Mini Vanilli. Ten times X in one sentence, if that's nix, then we don't know. We are happy like Vince Black riding a moped, that DOLL CIRCUS will play on our stage and give you bearded wankers one with their Rock'n'Roll slap. That. Will. Big.



Yes, we had a lot of thigh-slappers at the closing night. Sometimes... sometimes, though, as a festival, you feel like doing something different than usual. Like this year. After a wall of concentrated female power, we throw on the testosterone fog machine. THE FIST OF THE CONDOR is everything but to be taken seriously, and yet it takes a special form of humor to enjoy this machination to the fullest. Marko Zaror and Marko Zaror as bitter fighting twins with shit haircuts? A martial arts movie including battle monk, slow motion and insane training montage? Call us in! There are probably three recipients for this: Those who understand. Those who only see. And those who don't know. Two out of three will go home this evening with a broad grin. The others will learn something!


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