10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023


Director: Julian Richberg Germany 202079 minutesFSK 18 (unchecked)
Ostentor CinemaFri. 08.04.202216:00Highlight German Cinema

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That is what it is about

A small town in the middle of Thuringia. Teenagers Erik and Sebastian are outsiders. They are bullied at school and get punched in the mouth by the Nazis at the village meeting place. Apart from that, the dog has died here. So they do their time. Gambling. Shooting guns in the forest. But under the surface, things are boiling. Violent fantasies are ripening, their thoughts are circling. Revenge. Retribution. Justice? "Do it!" whispers this voice from the swamp. Erik listens. It is 11 September 2001, also in Thuringia.

What you should know

Coming-of-age and genre cinema, yep, that goes together. The references of Julian Richberg's debut film are obvious: DONNIE DARKO, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, even POLTERGEIST can be read into it. And yet ARBORETUM stands on its own and tells a dark tale of transitions in its own unique way. Of East and West, of left and right, of then and now. But also of light and shadow. For what emerges from this is not of this world. Julian Richberg's Finsterling is a hungry beast!
Original title: Arboretum
Rights holder: Stadtfuchs Media
Language: Original with English subtitles
Cast: Oskar Bökelmann, Niklas Doddo, Anna Jung
Film Festivals: Achtung! Berlin, FANT Film Festival, Oslo Film Festival, Terror Molins


Born near Kassel, studied in Berlin. Before Julian Richberg delivered his first feature film in 2020 with "Arboretum", he produced advertising clips and music videos. And he shot "Flatliner": his first short film, in which he tells the story of a lonely exchange student in Berlin who attends WG castings to get in touch with people. In both films he describes marginal figures in society. It is about friendship and being alone. Big themes that are always topical. Also in Germany.
Arboretum, Director

Our guests at the film screening

Julian Richberg (Director), Peter Schulz (Editing and Colorgrading)

After the screening, director Julian Richberg and editor Peter Schulz will tell you in a Q&A what it means to make a film with a micro-budget. A film, however, that is groundbreaking especially against this background: with only a few thousand euros, the team has succeeded in making a coming-of-age horror film that has no need to hide from the international competition.

Audience Award

Arboretum was voted 3rd place (4 points) in the feature-length category by our audience at the HARD:LINE Festival 2022.

The evaluation was based on a five-point system (1 = Nope!, 5 = Yeah!).

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