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Unbelievable! Pre-sales have really got rolling and are already ensuring a full house. We say thank you very much! Unfortunately, IN A VIOLENT NATURE and the Saturday day ticket are no longer available. But here's a little tip from us:
The 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival is just around the corner. Here's a little insight into what you can expect on Friday. Just this much: Friday is the day to get down to business!
Dear all, the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival is not far away and will soon be spreading its wings over the cathedral city. Let's spend four days with you in a cinematic state of emergency! Here's a little insight into what awaits you right at the start on Thursday!
Attention professionals! You can now apply for accreditation for the 11th HARD:LINE Film Festival. You can find out what you need to bring with you here.
If you're still out of breath after the festival program, you can give free rein to your partying frenzy in our after-show parties. "Can I kick it?" – "YES, YOU CAN!"
What is this all about? The whole thing hasn't even started yet and we're already thinking about the end! But believe us: it's absolutely worth taking a look at the final evening. Find out why here.
It's done! Herewith we would like to throw the last movie of HARD:LINE 2024 around your ears. It's no coincidence that we've saved this cinematographic curiosity until last. Let us tell you: you will lose sight and hearing...
Sometimes the best comes at the end. But why is that? Why should that be the case or what sense would it make if the best came at the end? At the end, you often don't feel like it anymore. Or can no longer concentrate properly. And where does this fatalistic saying or way of thinking that the best should come at the end come from? ...You think that's a complex train of thought? Then wait and see!
Well, now you already know what to expect at HARD:LINE 2024! But we're not quite finished yet, there are still a few festival titles to go. We still have something for everyone who likes to let the puppets dance. Because we do that too...
So we already know pretty much exactly what's on this year. So that you're not left high and dry, but can bathe in the sea of anticipation like we are, we're releasing five more feature-length films and hope you're just as excited as we are.