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In about a month the 10th HARD:LINE Film Festival will be in full swing. Then we hopefully sit together in the cinema and enjoy cinema extremely from around the world. With guests, premieres and all the trimmings.
All is well, all is fine. That's the way it has to be. Of course you want to know what's in store for you, and in the meantime our media partners have already released a whole mountain of films. Our website is slowly filling up! But one thing at a time. Let's create an overview and summarize everything that has already been said...
Blaze, teaser still


Girl Power & Dragon Fire! BLAZE is a dazzling indie gem about a girl with a dragon in her heart, ready to set everything around her ablaze! Genre cinema can be this touching!

Australia 2022 | 101 minutes
Directed by Del Kathryn Barton

Blood Flower, teaser still


This film is not for the faint-hearted! BLOOD FLOWER is uncompromising, visually stunning over-the-top exorcism action. A feast for all who like it a bit rougher and more satanic.

Malaysia 2022 | 102 minutes
Director: Dain Said

Daughter, teaser still


Claustrophobic, captivating, manipulative! This abduction drama penetrates the psyche, where it turns values and norms upside down. Almost as if Lanthimos had remade CHAINED.

USA 2022 | 95 minutes
Directed by Corey Deshon

Flowing, teaser still


It does not have to be zombies! This atmospherically dense horror film, remains with its apocalyptic, gloomy and unpleasant images in the head. Strippoli's film is the surprise of the year!

Italy, Belgium 2022 | 93 minutes
Director: Paolo Strippoli

Interchange, teaser still


An atmospherically captivating serial killer film. Peppered with film noir motifs and an extra dose of folk horror, this film is an extraordinary viewing experience. It gets wild as a bird!

Malaysia 2016 | 102 minutes
Director: Dain Said

Soft & Quiet, Teaser still


A film like a punch! Where other films raise their voices, this one screams like a beast gone wild. This politically motivated one-shot shocker is original, tough and very intense!

USA 2022 | 91 minutes
Directed by Beth de Araújo

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