10th HARD:LINE Film Festival: April 6th until April 9th 2023

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When we had to decide in July 2020, at external insistence, whether and when we would do our festival in 2021, we weighed it up and said: it might not be over by then. So we moved to April 2022 and have to state on today's date: It could be that the haunting is not over yet. But it will get better! For example with our Festival Passes!
Is it really true? In exactly two months, the 9th HARD:LINE Film Festival is supposed to start in Regensburg? Two more months until we turn the cathedral city upside down for five days and escape reality. Five days of "cinema extreme" at its best! That just calls for this year's artwork to be released! HARD:LINE 9 will be surreal!
For months, we in the team sifted through them daily. More than 400 films were submitted and all of them were scrutinised. But now the deadline has been reached and we are sharpening our pencils to get the programme down on paper in the next few weeks. Be curious!
What a strange year it was. After it got really bad, it actually got really good, then nobody cared and then it got even worse. The fact is that we didn't let ourselves be distracted by ups or downs. We just kept going and worked on our presence. We have become chic...
We have already announced nine films. Originally, there were to be ten feature-length films in addition to our short film programme, which has not yet been published. Now it's thirteen. If that doesn't bring us luck in this damnable year? So let's put a lid on it: Here is the last official announcement about the feature-length films at the festival!
Games are won in the second half! The ace up your sleeve, the magic foot on the bench, or just keep up the good work - surprise or flatten the opponent. If there is no opponent, then you just do it for yourself. Or for yourselves. Here are the opening film, closing film and the legendary Sunday afternoon film.
In the background, we are still filing, sanding, drilling and nailing. Nevertheless, we proudly show you three finished pieces from our collection with the pretty name "HARD:LINE 2020". Three films that will make waves internationally and that fit perfectly into our programme. Each title a brand in its own right. Click! Marvel!