What happened at the 6th HARD:LINE Film Festival


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The Number of the Beast! Well, we don't have quite that many editions under our belt yet. Nevertheless, we seem to have made a pact with dark demons and the Horned One himself; there is no other explanation for this devilishly good programme. Self-praise? No, definitely not! What can we do about the fact that there are such crazy good filmmakers out there?

It is our pleasure to once again unleash fifteen insane works on you that couldn't be more different. From Hanekeian drama thrillers to splatter boards, from fantastic-creative marvels to 80s retro trips, from gritty westerns to the best horror film in years... No two films are alike, none have to hide behind the competition. There can't be anything right about it!

The challenge in 2018 was indeed to choose from a variety of great films. We believe we have found the perfect mix for you. But we have not only been able to develop further in terms of content, there has also been a clear leap forward in terms of quality! Twelve films are now celebrating their German or European premiere in Regensburg and many renowned guests from all over the world are making their way to the cathedral city to present their works to you.

So celebrate with us, because film is art and entertainment at the same time and the genre is a flourishing meadow of creativity. Even if one or two films may not be to your taste, we should celebrate the courage of the filmmakers. The courage to sacrifice their whole heart and soul for this wonderful and freest of genres. For this demonic art, we don't send your souls across the Stone Bridge... but invite them to celebrate four days of extreme cinema at its finest with us at the Ostentor.

The films of the 6th HARD:LINE Film Festival


A total of 11 film premiere(s) in 2018. Of which 1 world premiere(s) [W]; 0 international premiere(s) [I]; 2 European premiere(s) [E]; 8 German premiere(s) [ D];


Guests present at the screening

Our festival guests

Chad Archibald, Simeon Halligan, Àlex Maruny, Louise Mentor, Marc Martinez Jordan, Rachel Richardson-Jones, Juse Riera, François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell

Mixing familiar and less familiar faces brings a breath of fresh air! We could see that this year. We were delighted to welcome Simeon Halligan, the director of the Directors Spotlight of the Year. With him came producer Rachel Richardson-Jones.

An old acquaintance also knocked on the door with his new film: Chad Archibald, to whom the Directors Spotlight was dedicated a year earlier. Chad showed up for a chat and presented his terrific I'LL TAKE YOUR DEAD for the first time in Europe.

With the trio François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell - also known as RKSS - we were able to welcome more Canadians with us. The TURBO KID directors followed our call to Regensburg to accompany the German premiere of their latest prank.

Anyone who thought Canada was already a corner away is doing the maths without Australia. Screenwriter Louise Mentor came to the European premiere of PIMPED and gave a touching insight into her work!

Fresh blood, in the truest sense of the word, came from Spain. Director Marc Martinez Jordan was flanked by cinematographer Yuse Riera and main villain Àlex Maruny. We knew that Spain was loose with bodily fluids. But what went on in FRAMED needed an explanation from the makers. And they delivered!

The award winners of the 6th HARD:LINE Film Festival

Audience voting:

hardline audience award
The best feature films

1. DAVE MADE A MAZE (4.62)
3. BAJO LA ROSA (4.32)

The timetable of the festival

Framework programme

Directors Spotlight

Directors Spotlight 2018, Simeon Halligan

"Cinema is the perfect place to explore fantastical ideas and dark worlds". (Simeon Halligan)

Even as a child, Simeon asks and begs to be allowed to stay up another hour. Not just for the sake of staying awake. Rather, it is the sinister ogres and monsters that run in duplicate in the BBC2 programme that inspire little Simeon.

So hooked, it wasn't long before he picked up a camera himself. At the tender age of ten, he was already experimenting with Super 8 and video and discovered his passion for film very early on. Besides film, drawing and design were also among the young Brit's hobbies. He successfully completed his design studies at the Royal College of Art and Design, which brought him jobs in the TV sector and in the advertising industry. Yet film remained his true passion. Simeon wanted nothing more than to sit in the director's chair. After completing a few short films, he therefore decided to take the consequential step of turning to his true calling.

With his first feature film SPLINTERED, Simeon achieved a respectable success. The film was shown in British cinemas and also sold well internationally. His second film WHITE SETTLERS was controversially discussed at many international festivals and even had a horror film star like Pollyanna McIntosh among its cast. With HABIT he filmed an aesthetically brilliant horror-noir story and finally achieved his breakthrough.

Yet it is precisely his knowledge of the genre itself that makes him an exciting director. Simeon knows the stereotypes of the genre and the danger of falling into the cliché trap. That is why his main focus is always on varying familiar patterns, which he succeeds in doing masterfully with HABIT.

Simeon Halligan is an exciting director and we look forward to bringing you his career from his first, crude attempts at walking to his grim cannibal noir styler at the sixth HARD:LINE Film Festival.

Aftershow parties

Aftershow parties 2018

In the end, it has one big advantage if you don't play ten different locations as a festival. As a location festival, you have the opportunity to condense the entire event to just a few square metres, so that you can create a festival atmosphere even when you're not sitting in the cinema. That's why, in the sixth year of our existence, we are once again opening the door to highly esteemed musical entertainment in the cinema pub.

Friday: Hellgore & Mortal Kermit While the chainsaw roars in the cinema and the revered audience embarks on the morally dubious pleasure of a gore fireworks display, the record entertainers in the cinema pub serve us the musical counterpart to the big screen game. DJ HELLGORE and DJ MORTAL KERMIT sharpen their scalpels and dissect music history in search of the crudest excesses of the guitar world. With these masters of musical surgery, the patient is eviscerated by every trick in the book... Don't believe their appearance: this duo is devilishly good!

Saturday: Sublime Understanding for music streams outside the mainstream and a sense for the extraordinary has brought together some people who have established an indie event series in Regensburg: Their name SUBLIME. What else is there to add? The DJ team manages to characterise themselves in just a few words and at the same time gets to the heart of why we love what they do. SUBLIME is the passion of discovery, the love of music and a guarantee for a fantastic evening in the cinema pub!


Final evening

Closing band 2018, Trio Elf

There's no question about it: we love rock, punk and metal. But narrow-mindedness is just as far from us in music as it is in film. We try to build bridges across divides and let quality speak for itself. Not least because of this, we are pleased to present one of the most famous and certainly most fascinating bands of the Regensburg scene as this year's launching band.

"A classic piano trio with the courage to cross boundaries." (Jazzdrummerworld)

TRIO ELF is a musical monument! With their wild and open style, the three exceptional musicians have what it takes to free jazz from its clichés. This fantastic and at times monstrously performing trio acts beyond sleazy lounge beats or lift sprinkling. Hip-hop, drum & bass, house and punk are equal influences that distil into an explosive mixture the likes of which you've never heard before. TRIO ELF are beautiful, beastly, mischievous and wild as a bird - music like extreme cinema itself. We are very proud that this world-famous musical highlight will bring our festival to a fitting close.

"Almost [...] cinematographic soundscapes" (Jazzthetik)

On piano, Walter Lang inspires with a wealth of ideas and high-energy melodies that made him famous in Japan; complemented by the virtuoso bass playing of Peter Cudek, the two form the melodic component of the trio. On drums, Gerwin Eisenhauer can be described as a rhythm monster or a drum computer made human, depending on your preference, who is not afraid to be associated with black metal. It doesn't matter if you're a metalhead, hip-hopper, electro-head or jazz nerd: everyone, absolutely everyone, should totally escalate on this evening!



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